Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a Park Home cost?

Our new Park Homes start at £245,000 up to £400,000. The price of the home varies according to its age, size and location on the park.

There are no conveyancing or stamp duty fees payable on a Park Home.

What is included in the price of a home?

All our new homes are sold fully furnished with loose and fitted furniture as well as carpet and soft furnishings, the homes enjoy a private landscaped garden complete with storage shed and on plot parking and are connected to water, electricity and gas.

What are the additional costs of living on the park?

A monthly pitch fee is payable. Additional costs include utility bills, water rates and sewerage. However, with good insulation and double-glazing as standard, energy costs are generally significantly lower than a conventional home. Council Tax is also payable but, since Park Homes are recognised as retirement homes for council tax purposes, they fall into band A. Finally, homes must be insured to their full replacement value.

Does the pitch fee go up each year?

The pitch fee is reviewed on 1st January each year and goes up or down in line with the Retail Price Index.

Can I live here permanently?

Yes. We are a residential retirement park and you can live here permanently.

Can children stay on the park?

As we are a retirement park for the over 50s, all residents must fit into this category. Children are therefore not permitted to be residents. They can however visit and stay from time-to-time.

Do you allow dogs on your parks?

Owners are permitted to keep one small dog or a cat at The Vynes & Brickhill Park (not at Downlands Park) please refer to park rules as there is a height restriction and breeds subject to the dangerous dogs act 1991 are not permitted at all.

Purchase options - Part Exchange

If you have completed on your property and have funds in place you can move in almost immediately.

However, if your home is not on the market or still for sale we can offer our part exchange scheme.

We can quickly make you an offer, which you are under no obligation to accept, leaving you peace of mind and making the move into your new home as smooth as possible.

What happens if I want to eventually sell my property?

If you wish to sell your home you may choose to sell it privately or via an estate agent. An assignment fee of 10% is payable to McFarland Park and Leisure, as detailed in the Mobile Homes 2013 Act, on completion of the sale.

Can a Park Home be passed on in a will?

Yes, Park Homes can be passed on in a will.

How long does a Park Home last?

All Park Homes are built to British Standard BS3632 and are covered by a Gold Shield Ten Year Warranty. Our new Park Homes are designed to last comparably to traditional built properties, incorporating UPVC windows, double-glazing and exterior rendering. Furthermore, pitched roofs have a 40-year weatherproof guarantee and with routine maintenance (e.g. exterior painting every 5 years) your Park Home will last for many more years.

Does a Park Home keep its value?

The value of a Park Home will fluctuate in the same way that residential property changes.
Most of the value of a Park Home is linked to the value of the land it is situated on, so if the land value continues to go up, the value of the Park Home should not fall. Because Park Homes are becoming more popular, the demand is ever increasing.

How soon can I have one?

We currently have a show home, which is available for immediate occupancy. If you are ordering a new home to be built to your specification, we work very closely with the manufacturer to deliver your home as efficiently as possible. All newly built homes should be available within 12 months of paying the deposit.